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1. Integration of marketing strategies:

  • Companies may find it difficult to determine which marketing services are most effective for their specific blockchain project.
  • Coordinating the integration of different marketing services can be time-consuming and may require additional resources.
  • A lack of expertise in marketing strategies and technologies may hinder the successful integration of these services.

2. Finding the right team:

  • The shortage of talent in the blockchain industry may result in companies having to settle for less experienced or less qualified candidates.
  • The high demand for blockchain talent may result in a competitive job market, making it difficult for companies to attract top talent.
  • The unique nature of blockchain technology may require a team with specialized skills and knowledge, which can be challenging to find.
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3. Finding a trusted partner:

  • Trust is critical when collaborating on a long-term marketing campaign, and companies may struggle to find a partner they can trust.
  • Companies may have difficulty finding a partner with enough flexibility to adapt to changes in their business needs.
  • Finding a partner with a compatible working culture and business values may be challenging.

4. Talent shortage:

  • The shortage of talent in the blockchain industry can result in higher costs to acquire talent, such as offering higher salaries or benefits.
  • Companies may need to invest more time and resources in training and developing less experienced talent.
  • The shortage of talent in the blockchain industry may result in longer hiring times and delays in executing marketing campaigns.
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Partner with us to accelerate your growth. We'll work with you to establish tailored strategies that propel you towards your goals. At Fintech24h, we empower our clients to achieve their full potential and grow their business.

Our Services

We are a business providing marketing solutions and more for businesses operating in the blockchain field. Our services are deployed and operated by experienced experts in the field of Blockchain, discover outstanding development solutions for your business

Social Media Management

Stimulate the growth of social media channels with effective and professional promotional campaigns designed specifically for your project

Community Management

Stimulate natural team growth by engaging regularly with users through build original stories to increase engagement in the community

Website SEO Solutions

Employ strategic SEO to increase your visibility in search results and generate a higher volume of targeted traffic.

Promotion / Growth Hacking

Optimize for high-quality engagement on your social media platforms. Bring a comprehensive quality social media channel to your project


Airdrop is an incentive program that aims to attract a significant number of retail investors to the main social media channels of the project, usually Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Reddit.

PR Strategy

Leverage stellar media relations expertise to boost brand exposure and positively influence public opinion.

Seeding / Shilling

Our Seeding / Shilling team will increase engagement on your social media channels

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing will help your business reach wide reach to the target audience.

Video Marketing

Produce highly engaging videos on social media platforms, spreading the word for your business

B2B Pitching & Partnership

With our B2B Pitching & Partnership program, it will help you connect with a large network of customers and bring an outstanding reach rate.

Whitepaper & Tokenomics

Provide documents that provide a comprehensive explanation of the project while maintaining an understandable and engaging feel to the project.

Let’s Talk Something Amazing Together

With a mission to bring value and wide spread to your business, By letting Fintech24h know the difficulties you are facing, Our team of Marketing experts will help you find solutions for your business and projects.
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