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🧙‍♀️ Service Description

  • Are you looking to boost the exposure of your project and attract new investors?
  • YouTube influencers can be a powerful tool in achieving your goals. However, working with YouTubers can be challenging and it’s important to avoid common pitfalls.
  • That’s where Fintech24h comes in.


Problems we help solve

Our partnership will begin with a brief, which will help us gain a deeper understanding of your business and the needs of the public. Then, depending on exactly what you need, we’ll develop a strategic and tactical plan


Our 250+ network of bloggers trusts us to provide them with high-quality clients. We establish friendly relations with many of the influencers in our portfolio, making it easier for us to connect with them on behalf of our clients.

💡 Disengaged audience

We filter out influencers who have lost touch with their audience, offering you only those with an engaged following who consistently deliver new investors to advertised projects.

💡 Script & matching

Finding the right influencer that matches your project's needs and writing an engaging and professional script are crucial factors in a campaign's success. Our experienced marketing professionals will choose the right YouTubers for your project, and our PR team will write a script that engages the audience and follows the influencer's style.

💡 Insurance

We understand that there is always a risk ofa YouTuber backing out of an agreement last minute or failing to deliver at all. That's why we have an extensive list of influencers representing different industries and fields in finance and technology. If a YouTuber is unable to deliver, we can always propose a replacement to ensure you get the desired results in time and with no hassle

Platforms We Can Help You

Our network of influencers will help you get the virality you want

How we drive influencer campaigns to get the best results for you

Audit & Report

We will comprehensively examine and analyze your business, to make the most suitable recommendations and campaigns.

You will receive a comprehensive report on the campaign and growth opportunities in the influencer marketing campaign.

Data-Driven Roadmap

With detailed insight into your current position and audience, our team gets to work developing a data-driven roadmap that will propel you towards your goals using carefully selected influencers.

Strategy Execution

We execute on the strategy. This includes influencer match-making, outreach, contract negotiation, and management to ensure we’re hitting KPI targets.


We’re never completely satisfied. It’s the reason why we’re constantly testing to see what’s working and what’s not, refining to make the necessary adjustments, and optimising to ensure you receive maximum ROI.

Let’s Talk Something Amazing Together

With a mission to bring value and wide spread to your business, By letting Fintech24h know the difficulties you are facing, Our team of Marketing experts will help you find solutions for your business and projects.
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