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🧙‍♀️ Service Description

  • Whitepaper and Tokenomics are the primary sources of information about the project for any customer or investor. With this in mind, it is important that the documents provide a comprehensive explanation of the project while still maintaining an easy-to-understand and engaging feel for the project.
  • A whitepaper is the starting point for any project and helps build the core logic of the project in an easily readable way for everyone. Additionally, lists, advertisements, and partnerships cannot be implemented without a whitepaper.

How do we do that?

We have an established process to create the highest quality official reports & Tokenomics.

A. Regarding "Whitepaper"

  • Through discussion with you, we will fully understand your project and identify its major strengths and weaknesses.
  • We will advise you on what you should focus on or improve in your project.
  • Our professional copywriter will present all information in an easy-to-understand and readable format.
  • Our professional designer will make the whitepaper visually appealing and easy to read. All necessary designs and graphics will be created by us.

Regarding "Tokenomics"

  • Develop the token’s monetary model (deflationary, inflationary, or stable).
  • The order of issuance and the correlation between emission volume and the growth of products and services related to circulating tokens.
  • The “role-function-purpose” model of the token.
  • Token circulation structure and circulation model.
  • Guidance on the functionality and value of the token.
  • Adaptive model for calculating the key variables of proposed tokenomics.
  • Determine the Seed, Private Sale, Pre-Sale, and IDO levels.
  • Verify distribution parameters, calculate vesting and lock-up periods.
  • Listing parameters, liquidity and TVL growth.

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