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Airdrop is an incentive program that aims to attract a significant number of retail investors to the main social media channels of the project, usually Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Reddit.

This is done by creating a series of tasks that the user must complete in order to receive the reward. These actions usually direct users to the main social media channels of the project, but there can also be other variations that lead users to use the product. As a reward for their time, investors have the opportunity to win a certain amount of the project’s tokens.

🧙‍♀️ Who is Airdop for?

Airdrops are a great option for projects that want to grow their community significantly. The mission brings people to channels where we can interact with them, present information about the project in an engaging way and ultimately turn them into investors.

With this in mind, this service is best suited for pre-IDO projects to bring hype, create community, and increase project followers. In addition, projects that want to create a community and significantly increase the number of their followers can benefit from this service.

📚How do we do that?

  • We have a lot of experience conducting Airdrops and have found the key points that greatly increase the success of the campaign.
  • First of all, we recommend running the campaign for 14 days and giving away $20,000 – $30,000 worth of company tokens as rewards.
  • This way, the offer is strong enough to motivate users to complete the steps and long enough to attract as many users as possible.


💼Steps taken?

  • First, we analyze what the project needs and develop the campaign’s mechanics to accommodate them.
  • We then set up a campaign bot that will track all entries and choose the ultimate winner.
  • After getting ready, we announce the airdrop and promote it on Telegram channels and major websites on the subject.
  • Finally, we analyze the results and present the report to you as well as randomly draw winners and award prizes.

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