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🧙‍♀️ Service Description

Often, projects need to spread news about their new feature/event to a large audience. Seeding/Shilling is a perfect service for exactly this goal.

Our Seeders/Shillers will write a large number of posts, comments and replies on major crypto platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, Reddit and YouTube.

How do we execute the seeding/shilling campaign ?

Our partnership will begin with a brief, which will help us gain a deeper understanding of your business and the needs of the public. Then, depending on exactly what you need, we’ll develop a strategic and tactical plan

Twitter Post

We will write different shilling (promotional) posts with popular tags/codes, from different Twitter accounts

Twitter Replies

We will write different shilling (advertisement) answers under the posts of influencers and popular accounts

Telegram Posts

We will write different shilling posts with links to your group/website in other crypto/blockchain/project groups

Reddit Comments

We will write different answers (comments) with separate mentions of the project under popular posts in different cryptocurrency subreddits

Youtube Comments

We will write comments mentioning your project under new and popular videos about cryptocurrency


We will write positive comments or articles about your project on groups or pages related to the topic.

Let’s Talk Something Amazing Together

With a mission to bring value and wide spread to your business, By letting Fintech24h know the difficulties you are facing, Our team of Marketing experts will help you find solutions for your business and projects.
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