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PR is an important aspect of a successful campaign. We could go as far as to say that PR can make or break a project

In the crypto industry, the words “Hype” and “FUD” not only fuel online conversations, but also have a real and very significant impact on the market capitalization of a project and its future success.

For these reasons, at Fintech24h, we take a holistic and serious approach to branding, online presence and positioning of the project in the market.

How do we execute the PR campaign ?

Our partnership will begin with a brief, which will help us gain a deeper understanding of your business and the needs of the public. Then, depending on exactly what you need, we’ll develop a strategic and tactical plan

Identify requirements

Here, we need you to provide as much detail as possible to understand your business needs, thoughts, goodwill and perceptions. Friend.

Interview the summary

Based on the summary, we will do 1-2 interviews with you to get all the necessary information and get a deeper understanding of your business.

Market research

We'll dive into the market in which you operate and examine all the important aspects: target audience data, competitor positioning, their strengths and weaknesses, overall trends industry, legislative initiatives, state regulations and all other data.

Develop a strategy

Based on all the data obtained, we will develop and present you a PR strategy and blueprint for what and when it will happen.

Implement PR campaign

Once approved, we will begin to execute the strategy, write and publish articles, and provide you with detailed analysis and reports every month .

Let’s Talk Something Amazing Together

With a mission to bring value and wide spread to your business, By letting Fintech24h know the difficulties you are facing, Our team of Marketing experts will help you find solutions for your business and projects.
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